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Sleep is the number one problem for many young children and their parents. Sometimes it seems like your children will never start to sleep unawakened and peacefully. In part, because children’s sleep cycles are significantly different than adults’ But also often because of the wrong night routine and rituals before sleep.

There is a wealth of scientific research on sleep, but most of it is confusing and difficult to understand. One consistent result is that having a bedtime routine not only makes bedtime easier but also helps children sleep better and longer.

After the quiet games and the evening outfit, comes the hero of sleep – Sleeper.

Spray Sleeper in the sleeping room and on the bedding, just before you put the child to bed. With its enriched composition of essential oils, which are rich in beneficial properties for the nervous and immune systems, Sleeper helps to fall asleep more easily. Calms and improves sleep to the fullest, and has a beneficial effect on the nervous and immune systems. Because as we all know, inhalation of essential oils is also used as a treatment for many respiratory ailments.

Sleeper – Sleeping spray with tangerine (for babies and children)

The first in our soothing product family – Sleeper Bedtime Spray. The dream addition to your baby/toddler’s nighttime sleep routine and before any daytime nap. Made with lavender and tangerine, this soothing essential oil spray helps babies / toddlers relax and prepare for sleep.

We’re committed to using the highest quality fabrics and prints and ensure they are either GOTS certified organic or OEKO-TEX standard 100, so they are perfect for young skin.


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Twinkle, twinkle, little star How I wonder what you are!

A lullaby that all parents know.

Endless nights of counting sheep, trying to set up a bedtime routine, white noise, and a night light on… And your child still can’t drift off.

It’s time to try the best sleep spray – Sleeper, for babies and children!

Whether your child has trouble falling asleep, wakes regularly during the night, or has restless sleep, a sleep spray will help your child calm down. Created for long-lasting use before any short nap or night’s sleep.

Sleeper will save your child’s normal sleep.


The desire to help together with the power of nature - this is our inspiration, because of which we created Sleeper. With our great experience as parents and mature individuals. Passed through the most unpleasant moments, such as - lack of sleep, restless sleep in children, colic, teething, as well as the constantly shaken children's immune system. These reasons made us bring harmony back to every home! Reasons that gave rise to a new series of products with proven results.


A team of the best specialists, with over 20 years of experience, participated in the development of Sleeper. Inspired by the beneficial effects of nature on the human organism, we have together created formulas with a rich content of essential oils and herbs. Collected and grown in our blessed lands. Sleeper is a combination of careful research, strict selection of ingredients and uncompromising quality.


The first product is a soothing sleep spray, we called it Sleeper. The first product of Sleeper is the first and without analogue in Bulgaria and in many other countries! Sleeper is a new brand and this brand marks the beginning of a series of products to help babies, children and adults.



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