THIS IS SLEEPER – CALMNESS The desire to help together with the power of nature - this is our inspiration, because of which we created Sleeper. With our great experience as parents and mature individuals. Passed through the most unpleasant moments, such as - lack of sleep, restless sleep in children, colic, teething, as well as the constantly shaken children's immune system. These reasons made us bring harmony back to every home! Reasons that gave rise to a new series of products with proven results.

Our team

Our team


A team of the best specialists, with over 20 years of experience, participated in the development of Sleeper. Inspired by the beneficial effects of nature on the human organism, we have together created formulas with a rich content of essential oils and herbs. Collected and grown in our blessed lands. Sleeper is a combination of careful research, strict selection of ingredients and uncompromising quality.



The first product is a soothing sleep spray, we called it Sleeper. The first product of Sleeper is the first and without analogue in Bulgaria and in many other countries! Sleeper is a new brand and this brand marks the beginning of a series of products to help babies, children and adults.